All you need to know about our merino wool

merino blankets

Here you will find all information about wool which we are using to prepare our products. Additionally, we will provide information and instruction about how to take care about wool and our blankets. If anything will not be clear for you or we missed some important information please do not hesitate to contact us directly at email contact@merinoforyou.com

Merino Wool

Our blankets are prepared from merino wool – one of the most valued species of sheep’s wool in the world. Right now merinos are bred everywhere: in Australia, New Zealand, America, South Africa and also in Europe. We are offering two wool types: Australian Merino Wool (18,5 mic & 22-24 mic) and European Merino Wool (from Poland, 25-28 mic). Both wool types have same properties but different wool thickness. The thinner the wool, the more sensitive the product is. Due to that Australian Merino is the softest wool because it can have the smallest thickness (18,5 mic). It is considered as a most valuable in the world.


Wool Properties

  Super soft- nice in touch with the skin and delicate

 Hypoallergenic – safe for babies and all kind of skin

♥  Thermal Isolation – it cools during the summer and warms in the winter,  temperature regulating

♥ Eco friendly – is 100% natural and because of that is biodegradable

♥  It’s harder to get dirty – wool have natural fats which are working as a natural impregnation agent

♥ It doesn’t absorb odors – wool fibers create an environment which is unfriendly for bacteria and due to that we haven’t bad smell

♥ It has self-cleaning properties – it regenerates itself in contact with oxygen. If we don’t see dirt then it is enough to ventilate products

♥  Airy – blankets are breathable 

♥  Elastic – you can adjust it to any surface and looks beautiful on any furniture or floor 

♥ It is fireproof material and does not melt when exposed to high temperatures

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Other important informations about our products

  After some time the wool is puffed up but it is a natural consequence of use

  Wool don’t like frequent washing but likes airing

  If we need to wash blankets then it must be hand wash on flat using special washing liquid

  Don’t swirl – wool don’t like it because is very delicate

  Dry on flat – wool is heavy so could stretch in vertical position

Our products are produces from wool which has the certificate of quality and colours stability. Additionally hereby we inform you that our extrafine merino wool tops is no-mulesing.