Why Merino Wool is Special?

merino sheep wool

Probably each of us asked this question at least once, especially that merino wool is very expensive. So what makes it popular and unique….?

The answer to this question is – its special properties. Merino Wool has a lot of them. Today, I would like to introduce the first one – Thermoregulation.

How does merino wool regulate temperature?

Let’s start from the beginning – that is sheep – because everything starts with them. They are so cute and fluffy and could enjoy breathtaking views of New Zealand that we can envy them. However, it is an only beautiful view of the country. In reality, merino sheep live in extreme climatic condition of the Southern Alps. There is very cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. Because of that, sheep have “coats” adapted to this climate, which keep them warm and insulated when the temperature is very low and cool them during warm weather. This is not a magic but natural process which is called “Heats of adsorption”. What it exactly mean?
When it’s cold then Merino Wool absorbs moisture from the environment. Thanks to the natural chemical process that takes place, wool gives off heat by heating the user. When is warm then Merino Wool also could help us because is able to releases moisture and due to that it absorbs heat from the wearer. Additionally, it is a very good insulator because of the fibres structure. Due to that merino wool keeps you warm in the winter and has a cooling effect in the summer.

Why it is important?

Thermoregulation is important for each of. However, especially we need to think about newborn babies. During the first few months of their life, they are not able to regulate their temperature. We need to take care of our babies and help in important moments. Merino wool is a great solution for our newborns as it can help them in thermoregulation. The blanket from merino wool can keep your baby warm during the cold evening and remain comfortable in warm days. Your baby will sleep peacefully!!!

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