Why merino wool is so expensive?

merino expensive

Merino wool grows really slowly

Breeders have to wait a long time once the fiber is long enough to shear merino sheep. Merino sheep are usually shorn between August and November to ensure they have a coat for the winter time.

You need more wool to do one product

Due to fine fibres it takes twice much wool to do a merino blanket of the equivalent weight using if using the standard / conventional wool. Flock sizes have to be real big to meet the demand. This is the cost of super soft and its wonderful properties.

Manual work

Each fleece is carefully selected in hand and classed to assess its quality. This is not modified or developed in lab in any way. Only sheep and human.

High Sheep cost

Animal welfare is taken very seriously. Merino sheep have to have free-range farming with adequate nutrition and access to water. They have to a special care, good feed and shelter. Factories are closely monitored for the care of workers safety, rights and ethical trading. Happy and safe animal give best wool.

Is it worth? What is so special about Merino?

Merino has amazing natural properties: super soft and never scratchy, breathable,  naturally fire resistant, easy care, odor resistant, a temperature regulator, is 100% biodegradable  and it provides UV.