White chunky merino pillow! Only €30 !!!


Diameter: 30 centimeter



Knitted Merino Pillow

On this page, you can order Knitted Merino Pillow. It has been handmade and prepared from Australian Merino Or Polish Merino Wool depend on your preferences. This page relates to the white pillow, however, we could create it in every colour. Pillow is super soft, nice with touch and very delicate for the skin. Merino Wool is also hypoallergenic and safe for babies.

You can decorate your room or use as a pillow to sleep. This is a perfect gift for any occasion for your friend or family. The pillow is also highly recommended to photo sessions. Make your photos original and unique. If you would like to have a different colour or size then please contact us. We are creating pillows in every available colour. 


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