Custom chunky blanket – Australian Merino 18.5

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Knitted Merino Blanket – Australian Merino 18.5

On this page, you can order custom Knitted Merino Blanket in the chosen colour and size by you. Our chunky blanket will be handmade and prepared from the Australian Merino or Polish Merino wool depends on your preferences. This page relates to Australian Merino 18.5.
To check differences go to the Wool tab.
Merino Wool is one of the most valued species of sheep’s wool in the world. The blanket is super soft, nice in touch with the skin and delicate. It’s also hypoallergenic, safe for babies and all kind of skin.

The wonderful gift

Our merino blanket will make your home cosy, comfortable and warm. This is the well-known decoration in modern interiors, the perfect covering bed and the great gadget in your living room. Surprise your friends and present them your new stylish chunky knit blanket. This is also the perfect gift for the one you love.

Designed by you

We are creating knitted merino blankets for your personal needs. You can choose the size, colour and type of merino wool. We contact our verified and certificated suppliers to buy the best quality wool the same day we received the order from you to have the wool on the next day. We start the work on the blanket immediately we get the material to keep the client satisfaction on the highest level.

Additional info

Colour might be slightly different than you can see on the pictures. It depends on your screen settings.

Washing – please do not wash the blanket. Dry cleaning is recommended.

The product is ready to delivery usually in the one week. The time might be expended depend on the size and wool colour availability.

The shipping depends on the customers country and chosen delivery option.


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