Mother Day is coming!

In 2014 there was a popular movie on YouTube. The recruiter conducted online interview for job called “director of operations”. He told about responsibilities and requirements – the job required mobility 24 hours a day, constantly being on the feet, no time for lunch, no breaks, no holidays with perfect interpersonal skills , degree of medicine, finance or culinary arts. He added the job is no paid. When the frustration of candidates were high enough he said there are millions of people who does it – Moms.


It was a touching movie which made candidates and many viewers cry.

People could realize how hard, difficult and exhausting being mom is.

No matter how far they are, no matter what mistakes they could made, your Mother love you like no one on this world.

Remember about 26th of May and spend some time with your mother.

The time spent together is the most valuable thing you can give.

Make her feel special that day. And every day.

All the best for All mothers

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