How to sleep well on summer nights?


Hot outside? Sleepless night? Does it sound familiar?

Is there a way to sleep well and stay fresh when the heat is pouring from the sky?

With merino wool..  there is : )

The one of the greatest merino’s wool feature is the fact this is a great thermo-regulator.

It can absorb and evaporates moisture much more effectively than most of other textiles, even to 30% of its own weight before you start feeling wet.


You might wonder, what is the feeling to sleep on the merino wool? Isn’t itchy?

Standard wool has broader and larger fibres which are less flexible and irritate your skin.

Merino wool is super soft and fibres are very thin. It gives great comfort for the skin and the nice feeling.


This is safe and recommended for all types of skin.

Make your skin happy, especially during the hot summer nights and buy pillows and blankets on our shop today!

Merino For You