Can you imagine the life without women?

life without woman

Women are unpredictable. They are changeable.

They might not know what they really want, but they keep looking for until they find it.

They can be powerful and charismatic, but gentle, sensitive and subtle at the same time.

They might see more that others do, which usually is a blessing, but sometimes is a curse.

They are more susceptible to fear, suffering of others and sympathize.  Women are ‘more likely’ to suffer depression and mood changes.

How to be a lady in the current world?

One strong woman said that lady is never in hurry. She moves calm and is confident. She knows her value and everyone around can notice it.

Lady doesn’t have to have make up. She always feel good with herself. She can wear jeans and t-shirt for a party, because she knows her value. The way she speaks and behaves tell more than cloth she put on.

The base of happy life is the feel of self-satisfaction.

Strong woman is independent, brave and never jealous. She knows how much she means.

What does woman need?

To be desired.

To be appreciated.

To feel safe.

To be listened.

To feel seen.

To feel loved.

This is wonderful to be a woman!

On 8th March, we wish every woman to find her place, her nature power, passionate love and inner peace.

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